Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reporting from WUDC in Africa

I leave early this afternoon. I am beginning one of the longer debate journeys of my life. Global Debate will be there with me, because it is me. Follow here and on Twitter (asnider) and Facebook (Alfred Snider).  Thanks to WDI for symbolic sponsorship.

In Slovenia: debate workshops, events, pubic debates and more. 

In Botswana: arriving at WUDC early to help in planning for the logistics of this event. Thanks to OrgComm for inviting me. Watch for reports as you wing towards Africa.

At WUDC Botswana: motions, events, gossip, breaks, bid news, results. Lots of videos that will end up on Debate Video ( We will see how my digital service holds up in south central Africa.

At World Debate Forum in Botswana: people, topics, speculations, and also videos from this exciting post-WUDC event.

Post WUDC Tourism: Not so much news, but you never know what may happen when I get to the Kalahari Desert.

Back to Europe for a brief breather, then back to Vermont to start the next semester of debate competition in the Northeast USA.

Thanks for paying attention!
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  1. Really had a great time during the WUDC in Botswana, meeting different people and makingnew friends...if u were not there you really missed a lot!!!!!!!