Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vermont Wins IDAS 2010 Tournament

Stephen Boyle with his team from Vermont, John Sadek and Jessica Bullock

John Sadek and Jessica Bullock have won the 60 team 24 country International Debate Academy Slovenia 2010 tournament held at the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Filip Dobranic and Maja Cimernan of Ljubljana, the reigning EUDC ESL champs, came second, other teams in the final Were Anna England Kerr and Crt Podlogar from Ljublljana along with the Serbian team of Goran Jankuloski and Pedrag Pevicevic from BelgradeJUDGES:

Anne Valkering, Netherlands (chair), John Hampson, British Council, Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore, TJ Senamngern, Thailand and Maja Nenadovic, Netherlands.

Semifinals: bold go through
Kerr Podlogar 1O
Williams Eng 2O
Cimerman Dobranic 1P
Pitic Moscovici 2P
ROOM: 14
Dicu Gadeke 1O
Jankuloski Petricevic 2P
Sobocan Denkovski 1P
Sadek Bullock 2O

Quarterfinals: bold go through
Cimerman Dobranic, Slovenia/Ljubljana
16 Alexandrescu Sovaiala-Ionescu, Romania/Argo
Pitic Moscovici, Romania/Argo
Durrani Joyce, USA/St. John's
Kerr Podlogar, Slovenia/Ljubljana
13 Vignevic Cirovic, Serbia/Belgrade
Suleic Kolundzic, Serbia/Belgrade
12 Williams Eng, USA/Air Force Academy
Dicu Gadeke, Romania-Germany
15 Jutersek Polsak, Slovenia/Maribor
Jankuloski Petricevic, Serbia/Belgrade
10 Salapic Martinic, Croatia
Sadek Bullock, USA/Vermont
14 Sobocan Denkovski, Slovenia/Maribor-Cambridge
Vrecic Zitek, Slovenia/Ljubljana
11 Velikovski Georgievska, Macedonia

PositionNameTeamTotal pointsAverage

1Maja CimermanCimerman Dobranic48180,16

2Filip Muki DobranicCimerman Dobranic47979,83

3Marietta GadekeDicu Gaeke47579,16

4Eveline DicuDicu Gaeke47378,83

5Goran JankulovskiJankulovski Petricevic47278,66

5Jessica BullockSadek Bullock47278,66

7Anna England KerrKerr Podlogar47078,33

7Serban PiticPitic Moscovici47078,33

9Mlden SuleicSuleic Kolundzic46978,16

10John SadekSadek Bullock46878,00

1. THW require migrants wishing to have European citizenship to pass language and value tests.
2. This House would return national treasures to their country of origin
3. This House believes that adoption agencies that receve state funding should give priority to same sex couples and infertile couples.
4. This House would require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their users.
5. This House would refuse to negotiate with kidnappers and hijackers.
6. This House believes that Roma should be recognized as the first transnational minority in the European Union.
THBT Arabic nations should stop selling oil to France until it removes restrictions on Islamic dress.

Semis. THBT the ECB should have veto power over member states budgets
Finals. THBT the free market does not make the workers free.

The oprogram is sponsored by ZIP Slovenia, World Debate Institute USA, European Union, Europe for Citizens Program and the law firm of Bickell and Brewer. 
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