Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Continuing Education Helps Three WDI Programs Roll Smoothly

While the academic portion of the World Debate Institute is organized by professional academics from the University of Vermont and many other schools, the program itself is administered by the Division of Continuing Education at the university. They arrange housing, food, classrooms, copying, library privileges and many other things. They train and employ Resident Assistants who live with the underage students in the dorms. They have a lot to do with why three programs now in session are rolling smoothly.

There are regular meetings of a working group, and the one pictured above happened this morning. The above picture shows many who are involved in the program. A big thanks to one person not in the photo, Janet Nunziata.

The meeting talked about smoothing the departure of current groups and arrival of the next groups, and also spoke glowingly about the current group of students.

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