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Last Call for Intl Debate Academy Slovenia 2010

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This is a letter that Bojana Skrt sent to the 112 attendees of IDAS 2010. 
There is still room due to our new luxurious hotel with indoor pool.

It is top instruction in the WUDC format and there will be an excellent tournament at the end. 

The price is very reasonable. Room and food included.
Organized by Za in Proti (ZIP) and World Debate Institute, University of Vermont.

Contact Bojana Skrt at 


Dear all, 
We are very glad you decided to participate at IDAS 2010  and we are all looking forward to host you in Slovenia. With your help IDAS 2010 will again be a great event.  It seems this year IDAS with more than  100  participants and trainers from  20  countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China,  Croatia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland,  Italy,  Kosovo, Macedonia, Netherlands, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, will be the biggest ever.  Please, check IDAS web page and blog for the program  and all updates. 

CHANGE OF LOCATION The very important news is that due to the bigger number of participants we moved IDAS from Ormož to Kranjska gora, which is  the other part of Slovenia. Kranjska gora is 80 km north from Ljubljana, in Julian Alps, very close to Austrian and Italian border.  The venue is Hotel Špik in a small village 3 km before Kranjska gora, called Gozd Martuljek. The hotel is much better than the Hotel Ormož, it has an indoor pool and very nice working rooms.  So, do not forget to bring swimming clothes with you.  The rooms are 4-beds, 3- beds and limited number of 2-beds. 
Here is the web address if you want to check the hotel, Kranjska gora and Gozd Martuljek: 

Because we did move to Hotel Špik, we can still accept applications – so, please, share the information about IDAS with everybody who might be interested. 
EU PROJECT Participants from: Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Italy, Macedonia and Slovenia participate at IDAS 2010 as part of project entitled “»DEBATE ANSWERING THE CHALLENGES OF IMMIGRATION AND MUTLICULTURALISM«  supported by European Union’s  Europe for citizens program.  There will be a few additional events organized during IDAS because of this project. Consequently, there will be also lecture topics and some debate topics connected with immigration and multiculturalism issues, role of EU in the world and similar.   And of course there will be lots of EU logos all around the venues. 
SCHOLARSHIPS  FUND Special thanks go to Bickell&Brewer foundation,  which gave us 2000 EUR for scholarships, which was divided among 21 participants asking for scholarships. I am sorry for not being able to award all the participants seeking scholarships, due to the limited  resources we have. I do hope you will be able to come anyway and would be able to get missing funds for some other donor. 

1. In case you can not come, please, inform me immediately – we need to know how many people are coming. . 

2. Schedule 
We start on  Saturday, the 20th t – registration starts at 16.00, the programme starts at 20.00. We finish on Sunday, the  28th around 14.00.  
2. IDAS 2010 tournament venues 
In Ljubljana  we will be staying in high school dormitory Dijaški dom  Bežigrad, the adress. Kardeljeva ploščad 28,, There are  mainly   three bed rooms. The dorm is 3 minutes walk from the tournament venue.   The ones who are coming for tournament only – you can check in after 14.00 on Friday. 
If you need an extra night in Ljubljana on Thursday or Sunday you need to make your own reservation. VERY IMPORTANT – YOU CAN NOT BE IN DIJAŠKI DOM BEŽIGRAD  FOR EXTRA NIGHTS. You need to make reservations in some other hotels  - there are plenty of low costs options in Ljubljana which can be booked via Internet. 

The tournament will be held at Faculty of administration, University of Ljubljana, 

3. Registration fee  
The registration fee 250 EUR covers the whole Academy  -  from dinner on the 20th  to breakfast on Sunday, the 28th.  
Tournament only 
The registration fee for the ones who are coming only for the tournament  is 60 EUR, it covers the accommodation and food from dinner  on the 26th till breakfast on the 28th. You should plan your departure from Ljubljana in the afternoon. 
The participation fee doesn't cover any extra nights. All the extra nights should be paid by you directly to the hotel. If you need an extra night in Hotel Špik in Gozd Martuljek, please, inform me about it and I will make the reservation. 
Registration fee  should be paid  in cash at registration. In case somebody prefers to pay via bank transfer, please, let me know and I will send you our bank account info. 
Everybody from  Hotel Špik, Gozd  Martuljek  will leave together  by rented  bus from Hotel Špik  to  Ljubljana, no extra fee for this travel. 

6.Travelling to Gozd Martuljek
There are buses for Kranjska gora from Ljubljana.  You should go to Gozd Martuljek, Hotel Špik ask the driver to stop at the Hotel Špik. The other option is taking a train from Ljubljana to Jesenice and than in Jesenice taking a bus to Gozd Martuljek. If you are coming from Austria, you go from Villach to Jesenice, train or bus.  
Here is the Ljubljana – Kranjska gora bus schedule: 06:30 a m , 07:30 a m, 09:30 a m, 10:30 a m. 12:30 p m  13:30 p m 14:30 p m 16:30 p m, it costs 8,75 EUR, it takes 2 hours. 
Here is the Ljubljana – Jesenice train schedule: Ljubljana 06:50, Ljubljana 07:27,  Ljubljana 09:27, Ljubljana 09:45 Ljubljana 11.26,  Ljubljana 12:50 Ljubljana 14:41, Ljubljana 15:25,  Ljubljana 15:33, Ljubljana 16:55, Ljubljana 17:50,  Ljubljana 18:55,  Ljubljana 20:48m, Ljubljana 23:50, it costs 6,75 EUR, it takes 1,20 minutes. Jesenice are 25 km away from Gozd Martuljek. 
The last bus from Jesenice to Kranjska gora goes at 17.57, than taxi is an option. 
If you want to book a special transport, especially from the airport, but can be done from Ljubljana train/bus station as well, you can send an email to – they do have vans and cars and doing pick us services. The same is true if you want to come from the airport to Ljubljana or vice versa. 

7. Visas 
In case you need visa for entering Slovenia and I didn't send you the visa invitation letter yes, please, contact me immediately – we do not have lots of time left. 

It is the habit that we organize a country  fair.  This means you need to bring some items – food, drink, things, posters, music …. which present your country the most.  More  information about this and other social events will be given by our social directors Helena Felc and Gregor Janžek. 
Slovenia has very strict smoking law – you are not allowed to smoke at any public places, no restaurants, no hotel room – meaning you can only smoke outside. 
We are going to be in Alps, meaning can be cold, not necessarily, but can be bellow zero Celzius, can be snowy. But, it might be also still warm. Have this  in mind when packing.  
I was told it is available at least in some parts of hotel. 

Bojana  + 386 41423377
That’s it for now. If you have any additional questions, please, feel free to ask. Really looking forward meeting you all in Slovenia, Bojana 

Bojana Skrt 
Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga 
Svetosavska 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija 
+386 (0)41 423377
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