Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WDI Program in Europe Concludes

The World Debate Institute's program in Europe has finished. The five round tournament at the World Schools Debate Academy has been concluded. The semifinal and final rounds are now concluded. Here are the results.

Vanja Vrecic of Slovenia was the top speaker, followed by Zan Zveplan and Damjan Denkovski. The team called Hair from Slovenia (Zan, Monika Sobocan and Damjan) defeated the team called Big Bang (Vanja Vrfecic, Barbara Zitek and Tamara Juricic) 5-0 in the finals. In the semifinals Big Bang defeated Team Croatia (Ema Karwelic, Nives Orlic, Matea Tomasic) and also the team called Hair advanced over Lawnmowers (from Qatar) (Mohammed Al Sabbagh, Mohammed Hubrack and Moiz Bohra).

The tournament followed a previous wek of instruction with debates, exercises, lectures and elective classes lasting all day each day. Look for lots of videos coming up soon.

The event took place in the beautiful small town of Zrece in the mountains of Slovenia and in a delightful place to stay and eat, Hotel Smogavsc.

Thanks to all of the faculty:
Rhydian Morgan, UK
David Register, USA
Bojana Skrt, Slovenia
Alfred Snider, USA
Ruth Zisman, USA

The great instructors who helped students endlessly deserve thanks:
Maja Cimerman
Filip Dobranic
Anna England-Kerr

More photos coming!

Next year -- bigger and better.
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