Sunday, May 24, 2009

WDI Reorganization Points to Global Expansion

The world is full of changes, and this is also true for the World Debate Institute. One thing that has not changed is that WDI remains as one of the leading global sources of sophisticated debate instruction.

The World Debate Institute announces a number of changes in the program.

Due to escalating costs and the economic downturn many of the summer programs hosted at the University of Vermont will not take place this year.

However, in Vermont the World Schools Debating Workshop will continue with strong attendance and a celebrated international faculty. July 25-August 7 2009.

During July WDI will be assisting in the planning and implementation of a high school debate workshop at Piedmont College in Georgia.

There will be some additional smaller debate workshops held in Vermont for university students in August that involve WDI faculty but are not official WDI programs. See .

The World Debate Institute will continue to sponsor and hold training events around the world. In some ways it makes more sense to bring the program to the world than to try and bring the world to Vermont (although it is a wonderful place).

WDI will be working with ZIP Slovenia to sponsor the World Schools Debate Academy for high school students to be held in Slovenia 5 July-12 July 2009.

WDI is working with the US State Department and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at Belgrade University in Serbia to hold a university workshop in Serbia 15-22 July 2009. Contact for information.

WDI is working with ZIP Slovenia to present the Seventh Annual International Debate Academy Slovenia 21-29 November 2009 to be held in Ormoz, Slovenia. Information can be found at

WDI is beginning to make plans for a debating workshop to be held in Iraq in cooperation with ZIP Slovenia and local Iraqi partners.

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