Friday, August 3, 2007

World Schools Debate Workshop Ends

<== WDI World Schools Champs

The two-week World Schools Debating Workshop for high school students ended on Thursday, August 2, 2007. After six preliminary rounds of debate two teams with the best record (both 4-2) met in the final round.

The final round was held on the motion, This House would ban elective cosmetic surgery. A spirited debate was judged by James Probert, Peejay Garcia and Alfred Snider. On a 2-1 decision the opposition, composed of
Varun Tyagi, Dong Whan Lee and Hyunji Lee won a victory over the opposition of Anja Juvancic, Tim Pushnik Jausovec and Eunsung Yang.

<== WDI World Schools Top 6 Speakers

The top six speakers were:
1. Varun Tyagi, USA
2. Helen White, Canada
3. Anthony McGuire, USA
4. Ji Won Choi, Korea
5. Won Ho Choi, Korea
6. Anja Juvancic, Slovenia

It was interesting that many of the teams in the tournament had almost as many points as the top teams, indicating a very even aggregation of talent among the teams.

T-shirts and certificates were handed out.

All pronounced the workshop a success in its first year, and vowed to work to make a second year bigger and better.

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